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Keeping the supply chain flowing

6 October 2015

In this age of rapid and escalating change, what can businesses do to flourish? Take a look at their supply chains, say researchers in the Centre for International Manufacturing, based on their research in the UK 
and India.

Cambridge and India

5 October 2015

Cambridge’s engagement with India has evolved from scholars working on India to scholars working with, and increasingly, in India – on shared priorities, to mutual advantage. Joya Chatterji, Toby Wilkinson and Bhaskar Vira explain why this is, as we begin a month-long focus on some of our India-related research.

Cambridge gets REAL about overcoming obstacles to global education

18 June 2015

The Research for Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Centre aims to promote education as an engine for sustainable development.

Virus evolution and human behaviour shape global patterns of flu movement

8 June 2015

The global movement patterns of all four seasonal influenza viruses are illustrated in research published today in the journal Nature, providing a detailed account of country-to-country virus spread over the last decade and revealing unexpected differences in circulation patterns between viruses.

The 1,000-year-old manuscript and the stories it tells

9 May 2015

One of the greatest treasures of Cambridge University Library is a Buddhist manuscript that was produced in Kathmandu exactly 1,000 years ago. The exquisitely-illustrated Perfection of Wisdom is still revealing fresh secrets.