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Opinion: The man who taught infinity: how GH Hardy tamed Srinivasa Ramanujan’s genius

22 April 2016

Béla Bollobás (Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics) discusses the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan and the influence of his tutor Godfrey Harold Hardy.

Mirage maker

30 October 2015

Aditya Sadhanala wanders over to the wall, turns a pulley, and a wooden box about a metre squared swings up and away. Below it gleams an array of carefully positioned lasers, deflectors and sensors surrounding a piece of glass no bigger than a contact lens. He flips a switch and creates a ‘mirage’.

Spiritual violence and the divine revolution of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

29 October 2015

In 1879, a young Indian boy arrived in England from Calcutta (now Kolkata), in the state of Bengal, sent by his father to receive a British education. Aurobindo Ghosh showed enormous promise and would go on to receive a scholarship to study classics at King’s College, Cambridge.

Phone for a doctor

28 October 2015

Worried you might be at risk from diabetes? Check your phone: it might help stop 
you getting the disease. And if you already have diabetes? Your phone might even help you monitor your condition at home.

Earthquake rocks Afghanistan and Pakistan – an area prone to magnitude 7 quakes

27 October 2015

Professor Simon Redfern (Department of Earth Sciences) discusses the devastating earthquake that struck Afghanistan on October 26 and the geological triggers that caused it.